Entry #1

Well here am I

2016-05-06 15:14:23 by emARTix


So Jazza and his #challengeofthemonth brought me here :D don't even know if hashtags work here o.O or how do I tag ???


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2016-05-11 04:13:11

The # won't work, except in Chat, but @jazza will get his attention, it'll pop up in his feed as 'you were mentioned in a news post' or something.

If you look under Community>Wiki, you'll find out about how to get scouted for the art portal, stuff like that. By the way, we're a cult you know...

emARTix responds:

:D Well I figured the # thing out by now^^ but thanks for the good tipps! As someone who is new here it's nice to get some help :)